Do you provide references?

Yes. We will provide you references that are similar to the project you have in mind. We actually welcome scrutiny because it will weed out competitors who are not professional and don't do the job right.

How do you provide estimates and contracts?

Our estimating programs take into account the current costs for Massachusetts. If another company's estimate is below ours the are very likely leaving something out or cutting corners. We guarantee this will cost you more money and dissatisfaction in the long run. Our prices are based on the plans and different materials that will be used. We won't play the game of low bidding then increasing prices later like many others do. An estimate will list the details of the project and act as our check list for tasks. We do this so everyone understands the process and knows and agrees what will be done. This comes from years of experience and proven success to avoid problems.

Is your crew dependable?

Our crew members are trained professionals not the run of the mill laborers off the street. Clean cut, courteous and trustworthy is our motto. Owner Dave Rugato has 25+ years of experience and personally works on each job site. We take great pride in doing a great job and having a happy client.

How do you leave the job sites?

Our sites are kept very clean daily unlike most of our competitors. Our clients are constantly remarking how clean things are in what is a very dirty process. Homeowners, we understand that this is your home and respect your property as if it were our own. Commercial clients we will make your job easier for you to manage.

What is the process?

We will guide you through the whole experience and make it as easy as possible for you. Time line would included estimate and pricing, established budget, signed contract and specification sheet.

  • Schedule and a list of priority decisions will be made.
  • Pre-job meeting to discuss personal items, equipment, storage, dumpsters, etc.
  • Job work begins.
  • Job is completed and a walk through with owners will be done.
  • Any punch list items will be completed.
  • Clean up and removal of supplies.
  • Our happy client begins to use their new spaces.