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So, what's the difference between a remodel and a renovation?

So, what's the difference between a remodel and a renovation?

Many homeowners think remodeling and renovating are the same thing and use the word interchangeably. While both are ways to improve your home, they take two very different approaches to doing so.

A renovation is usually a small-scale project, like updating a structure or room in your home without changing the intended use. When renovating a bathroom, it remains a bathroom and would include things like new bathroom fixtures, paint, flooring and maybe a new cabinet or hardware. It is important to note that sometimes when a renovation is being performed, a structural issue may be found, like a deteriorated floor joist, which has to be addressed.

Remodeling is when the structure, design and purpose of an area have been altered in some way to make the area more functional. Many remodeling projects are major and can involve removing or adding walls, raising ceilings, installing new plumbing piping or running new electrical wires. However, remodeling does not always involve major structural changes and the size of the project really has no determination - adding a room to your home and turning a bedroom into a home gym are both considered remodels.

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